Monday, March 27, 2017

Engaging the Ideas of Our World

This past week the students intensely studied the ideas of this world as they took the class “Engaging the Ideas of Our World,” with Grant Poettcker, PhD. They participated in deep discussions about the founders of Modernity and Post Modernity and how this affects the current culture.  One student, Colin Bovingdon, commented about the class “I loved having Grant Poettcker here, he was able to take ridiculously hard concepts to grasp and break them down to a Sunday School level so that we could better understand them.” Overall, the students’ minds were stretched this week and they thoroughly enjoyed the class.

                                                                                                   (All Photo Credit: Peyton Arnold)

 The students are now marching into their last two and a half weeks of the program. Please keep them in your minds and prayers as these last few weeks are very full. They have final projects to complete, they will be embarking on their last three out trips and their last camp retreat. Please pray that our students would be able to finish well, and that they would be fully able to take in the time they have left here.

-Rachel Nelson, Kaléo Program Intern

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