Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Surfs up!

Time to hit the waves! This past week was filled with fun and excitement as we headed to Tofino to surf for 3 days! We were finally able to go surfing this year because the other time we were supposed to go, it was the midst of a huge storm. Therefore we decided to take a rain check on this adventure and return when the weather was more cooperative.

On the first day we drove up to Tofino, making a few stops on the way up. One of the stops was Cathedral Grove. This is a part of a provincial park where the trees are huge. Some of these trees take three or four peoples' wing span to wrap around. The students were left to wander around in the forest and take in God's great creation! Some of the beaches near Tofino  had great views and we witnessed the waves that we would soon be riding. We drove to Tofino after visiting the beaches and the students got to explore town and the various surf shops there. 

(Photo Credits: Kayla Wood)

The next day we woke up and got ready for surfing. Our surfing guides, Estuardo and Matt, gave some awesome instruction on how to surf and how to be smart in the water! This really helped us learn the ins and outs of surfing and made the time much more enjoyable. This was the day  that the weather was uncooperative, right up until we started to surf. Then the sun came out, the rain was gone and the waves were great! A wonderful first day of surfing for everyone!

(Photo Credits: Kayla Wood)

The last day of surfing was a perfect day! The sun was shinning, the wind was minimal, and the waves were consistent. This made for ideal surfing conditions! We saw a lot of the students shine and gain more experience in their surfing skills. Witnessing their ability soar (as much as a beginner can in two days) was awesome to watch!

(Photo Credits: Virginia Flahr)

(Photo Credits: Jared Bayley and Kyle Bauman)

This week the students have their last few days of "Camp and Youth Ministry" with Sid Koop. Please be praying that the students will finish well and that they will be able to complete all of their assignments to the best of their ability.

Isaiah Moffatt
Kaléo Intern

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