Friday, March 17, 2017

Crabbing, Climbing, and Leadership

This past week was filled with small adventures that the students thoroughly enjoyed. Last Tuesday the students started a three-day crabbing adventure. For this activity, the students broke up into groups and took shifts catching crabs off of the camp’s dock. After a few days of collecting crabs, we all gathered together on the beach to have a crab feast.

This week we also had the opportunity to go indoor rock climbing at the Romper Room in Nanaimo. The students had the chance to learn how to climb and how to belay. It was a fun filled day of both bouldering and climbing the walls.

                                                                                                         (All Photo Credit: Peyton Arnold)

Another aspect of last week, was the focus on leadership. The students were able to gleam wisdom about leadership from a few guest speakers throughout the week. The students are now gearing up for their last month of the program. They are currently working hard to prepare for their final classes and finish up final projects.

-Rachel Nelson, Kaléo Program Intern

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