Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Paul's Letters and Nerf Guns

This past week, the students have learned about the life and teachings of Paul in the class Pauline Epsitiles. This year, they had a new professor teaching the class and all the students really enjoyed the way he taught the class in a thought-provoking way.

Here is one of the students commenting on her experience in the class:

"To be completely honest, I was hesitant at first what to think in starting class monday morning. But as soon as the second hour rolled around, I realized that I was going to enjoy this class thoroughly. Brian Westnedge was our professor for the week of Pauline Epistles and he has such a gift for teaching! As we opened up Paul’s letters, they came alive to us as never before, we have a solid foundation for the background and culture of what was happening during the writings of his letters and how that impacted his writings. I would say that I have a complete new appreciation for Paul’s letters, and an understanding of how they fit within the scope of the bible and how we are to read them. Learning about what the gospel is according to Paul is probably one of the many eye opening concepts I learned over the week. That everything Paul speaks about is very much recounted in his understanding of the gospel and then correlates with his understanding of the Old Testament. I think out of all of the classes we have taken this year I was able to retain the greatest amount of information in this class. I think I speak for a lot of my classmates as well in saying that, we are really thankful and blessed to have such good teachers.
Sarah McQuarrie"

Sarah spoke correctly about her classmates as many other students said similar things about this class and  about Paul and his letters. 

(Brian Westnedge took a timeless selfie with the class at the end of the week)

We also had a great battle take place in Pacific Woods Lodge (PWL). The students and staff were able to let off some steam in the form of Nerf guns. We had a western themed "Battle for PWL," where everyone was put into battle scenarios with poorly working Nerf guns. many Nerf darts were shot, there was chaos everywhere, and fun was had by all. This was a highlight of the week for the students who just needed some time to run around and be crazy. 

This week the students are crabbing and we go rock climbing! 

Until Next time, 

Isaiah Moffatt
Kaléo Intern

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