Monday, March 20, 2017

French and Mystic Beach

Different paces bring different levels of bonding. It seems that the slower the pace is, the deeper the bond. That was true for French Beach. This beach slowed down the pace everyone was running at and the students were able to just take time and talk with one another and invest. The conversations that were had were deep and personal to the students. They learned more about each other in those few days than they would have if they were living at a faster pace. 

This is not to say that they only talked for the three days and did not go on any adventures. No, we took a little time out of the second day to go to Mystic Beach. This is a beach that required a bit of a drive and a hike to get to. But the drive and hike were worth it! There is a beautiful beach that has a waterfall, a cave, and a rope swing! The students enjoyed these features despite the weather not cooperating. 

(All Photos are taken by Peyton Arnold)

The week was very relaxed, but the students are now in their last full class of the Kaléo Program, Indisciplinary Studies with Grant Poettcker, PhD.  Pray for concentration and clarity as they take this class. 

Isaiah Moffatt
Kaléo Intern

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