Monday, November 7, 2016

Introduction to the New Testament, Caving, and More

Two weeks ago the students were deeply challenged theologically while taking “Introduction to the New Testament” with Prof. Wes Olmsted. This class challenged them to read God’s Word differently than they had in the past. One of the students, Morgan Pépin commented this about the class:

(Photo Credit: Isaiah Moffatt)

This class helped me to read the Bible differently. Before, I had only been reading the Bible to understand how I could apply it to my life. Now when I read it I’m looking for themes as well as how the particular passage is connected to the Bible as a whole. I also used to view the Old Testament and the New Testament as two separate books but this class helped me to see how they are actually intertwined.

(Photo Credit: Isaiah Moffatt)
The next week we were originally supposed to be on our surfing trip in Tofino but unfortunately due to bad weather we were unable to go. However, we managed to fill our days with other exciting adventures. On Tuesday night, the fireside-lounge was set up for a movie night, complete with homemade Kit-Kat cheesecake. The next day we went on guided caving tours at the Horne Lake Caves. We were very appreciative of our guides who educated us about the caves all along the way.

(Photo Credit: Kayla Wood)

(Photo Credit: Kayla Wood) 

One of the guides told us that is was the highest water levels he has seen in the caves over his last two years working there. The high water levels made the caving adventure all the more epic, as we climbed through the rushing water and up the in-cave waterfalls. By the end of the day we were all freezing and wet but it was definitely worth it.

                                                  (Photo Credit: Carlene Bandy)

On the Thursday this past week the students had the opportunity to serve the S.A.L.T.S. team that we had previously sailed with just a few short weeks ago. It was a lot of fun for them to help the team winterize their two tall ships as well as to catch up with the crew. Overall, although the weather put a dent in our surfing plans we definitely made up for that time with our many other adventures and we look forward to our postponed surfing trip either this winter or next spring.

-Rachel Nelson, Kaléo Program Intern

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