Monday, October 24, 2016

Wild Play and Wild Children

This week of the program was a more relaxed and laid back week. What I mean by "relaxed" and "laid back" is that we created space for the students to focus on their school work and connect with each other. This coming week they begin their "Introduction to the New Testament" class with Dr. Wes Olmstead. The students had a great deal of prep work, ranging from reading 4 books of the New Testament, (Acts, James, 1 Peter, and Revelation) to writing exegetical questions about those texts they read. They have been working on those assignments diligently for the past week, getting ready for the class.

Although, that is not all that has been done this week. We also took time out of our day on Thursday to go and have some fun at Wild Play, a large challenge course outside of Nanaimo. The students had a blast participating in the various games that were presented to them. They were able to challenge themselves physically and mentally on this aerial playground and get some time away from the books! It was a great change of pace and change of scenery for the students.

                                                                                                     (Photo Credit: Caleb Smith)

To cap off this weekend was the Juniors Retreat. Students were assigned positions to help facilitate the weekend for these retreaters! The children at camp were having a great time and the students were able to show them the love of God. Our students were working in the kitchen, the challenge course, and in the cabins as counsellors! There were a lot of good conversations that were had between the retreaters, the staff, and students at camp this past weekend.

                                                                                                        (Photo Credit: Beth Vliet)

This coming week is one of the more academically challenging classes so please be praying for the students to be diligent in their work and to retain all of the information that comes their way!

Until next time,

Isaiah Moffatt

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