Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Camp ministry and womens retreat

After S.A.L.T.S., the Kaléo Program students had a few days to relax and get back into the routine of living at camp before they returned to the classroom. Prof. Sid Koop taught about the impotance of camp and youth ministry and how the students could apply what they were learning in class in a variety of ministry settings. There were many who enjoyed this class and look forward to the next half of the course come second semester.  There are many things that the students were able to learn from Sid, some of those include:
-  When focused on the mission of camp ministry, a leader should not forget and leave behind the needs and support of their team. 
- The leaders must be self aware, so that they can be able to self-assess, allowing them to self-correct. 
- Within that self-correction and assessment, the leaders must be able to recognize the need for rest and recuperation.
- A retreat and a week at camp must be planned around the campers coming, not the campers fulfilling the retreat schedule.
- That no sin is above or below another sin, and that we are all equal in the sight of God.
- A camp should be connected to a local church in order to provide support and guidance to new believers.  

Also this week Camp Qwanoes has held a Womens Retreat with the theme "Unlocked"! The students were able serve the camp and women in a variety of ways from running activities, to serving meals, to facilitating worship while the women were in session with the speaker. An exciting part of this retreat is that half of the women that came were newcomers, never having been to a retreat at Qwanoes before! 

Now the students are gearing up for their next class and next out-trip, "Introduction to the New Testament" taught by Dr. Wes Olmstead and the Wildplay High Ropes Course respectively. 

Until next time,

Isaiah Moffatt 

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