Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Week of Prayer

Prayer is an essential part of having a deep and meaningful relationship with God. This past week the students were able to partake in an awesome part of the program called the week of prayer.

(Photo Credit: Rachel Nelson)

 (Photo Credit: Isaiah Moffatt)

During this week, the students signed up for different one-hour time slots of prayer throughout the week. We set up a special room for the students to utilize while they were in prayer for the hour. The students were really enjoying their time focused on God. Throughout the week I would hear students say things such as:
- I never thought that I would be able to pray for that long but the time flew by.
- I wish I had more time in the room before I had to leave.
- Can we keep the room set up like this all the time?

Needless to say, the week was extremely impactful on all of the students.

Also during this week, the students were able to partake in an exercise learning about themselves and each other. Merrill Dyck, MA, a professor of Briercrest, came out to camp for a few days to do the Birkman Assessment. The Birkman Assessment is a personality test that has been proven to be quite effective at finding out and listing people's personality traits. The test tells you your strengths, weakensses, learning styles, and other traits. All the students took the test and learned more about themselves as individuals and how they interact with others. They now have a better understanding of who they are and how they work most effectively.

(Photo Credit: Isaiah Moffatt)
This coming week, the students have more time to relax; but that doesnt mean that they have nothing to do. They are working on pre-course assignments for their next class which is "Foundations of Church Ministry" with David Ernst, DMin. Please be praying for them as they head into another class soon.

- Isaiah Moffatt
  Kaléo Program Intern

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