Monday, November 14, 2016

The Students Love Crofton

The story of this past week begins about three weeks ago. The Kaléo Program Leadership team chose four students to lead and organize the others in a project called "Love Crofton." "Love Crofton" is a week long work project completely run by the Kaléo Program students.

(Photo Credit: Rachel Nelson)

The students went into the town of Crofton, and handed out fliers. On these filers details were given about how the household can get in contact with them to request their help for the week. Usually the jobs included: cleaning gutters, raking leaves, splitting fire wood, chopping down bushes, and other smaller jobs. Once the jobs were requested, the students then organized how many people would go to each job, what tools were going to be needed for that particular task, and how they were going to get there. 

(Photo Credit: Rachel Nelson)

Many of the students enjoyed this week as it was a change of pace and a break from studies. They learned what it meant to serve selflessly, as many tasks were difficult, and they took no monetary compensation. 

(Photo Credit: Rachel Nelson)

Also during this week the Qwanoes students participated in the second last retreat of the 2016 year - the Senior High Retreat! They all had a different experience this time as the majority of their service was behind the scenes and not always directly working with campers. This kind of work went hand-in-hand with the "Love Crofton" week, showing that you can love people both through visible and invisible actions. This week the students are in class learning about the Old Testament from Professor Don Taylor, DTh. Pray for them as they head into this week with a strong desire to learn and grow into Kingdom Builders. 

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Isaiah Moffatt

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