Saturday, January 14, 2017

Finally Back on the Island

We're back! Sorry for the late post... the start of second semester has been a crazy time and some things have been neglected - this blog being one of those things. Our apologies! We will now resume our weekly posting.

The students arrived back on Vancouver Island about two weeks ago and were met with joyful hugs and full hearts from their well rested friends. Soon after the arrival on the Island, the students hopped right into their first class of the semester - "Introduction to Christian Theology" with Merrill Dyck, MA.

In class, the students learned that a relationship with God is so much more important than the knowledge of God. They also learned that no one can truely understand the Trinity and that to explain the Trinity in any sort of human reason would be heresy; the Trinity cannot be understood, just accepted. Another part of what they learned in class is that the virgin birth is paramount in knowing that Jesus is God.

On the last day, the students were pitted against each other in theological debates, where they had to defend their side of an issue. Students were put into teams and were assigned an argument to defend. The students then researched why their side of the issue was the correct view, despite what they personally felt about it. The issues that they had to debate on were "whether or not punishment in Hell is eternal," and "does praying change God's mind." It was a good exercise in defending your belief when people challenge your views.

This past, week the students had time to finish up their assignments for the class. Also during this week, the students and staff were able to have a good evening of fun at fireside. Fireside, if you don't remember, is where staff invite students into their homes and have an evening away from camp and assignments, playing games and eating snacks. It is a fun change of pace and a great time was had by both the staff and the students.

  (Photo Credits: Kyle Bauman)
  (Photo Credits: Kyle Bauman)

 Also during this homework week we went curling! On Wednesday, all the students had the opportunity to experience curling. Although some students have preconceived notions of what the game would be like, everyone enjoyed learning how to curl and even had time to play a few ends of the game!

 (Photo Credits: Michaela St. Louis)
 (Photo Credits: Peyton Arnold)
  (Photo Credits: Peyton Arnold)

To end off the week, the students led a valley-wide youth group night for all the churches in the Cowichan Valley called "One". Youth groups came from all the churches in the area to have fun and learn about God. The night went off without a hitch and great fun was had by all!

 (Photo Credits: Beth Vliet)
 (Photo Credits: Beth Vliet)

This week, we are heading to Mount Washington, for our week long ski/snowboard trip! Please be praying that no injuries happen on this trip and that everyone is able to enjoy their time on the mountain.

Until next time,
Isaiah Moffatt
Kaléo Intern

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