Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Church Ministry and Cow Bay

This past week, the students had a great time learning about Church Ministry from  Dr. David Ernst D. Min. He takes a different approach to class as his classroom is a tech free zone. That means any and all notes that the students wish to take must be taken with pen and paper. 

The students enjoyed being in the class as they learned the various parts that make up church ministry. There were some great discussions that were held both in class and out of class as the students discussed various topics about church ministry such as: spiritual gifts, women in leadership, homosexuality, and social justice.

On Wednesday, the students and Professor Ernst took some time off in the afternoon to go an adventure. Almost the entire class went to Cowichan Bay to explore and have fun as a group. The weather was beautiful and made for an excellent study break.

Saturday was supposed to be the Guys/Girls day where both groups go out and have fun along with their respective genders. Unfortunately, the weather was not as co-operative as was hoped and the roads were atrocious. No one was able to succeed in their plans so the afternoon was split into girls/guys, and during the evening, we all came together and had supper while watching a movie, it was a great time to sit back and relax. 

(Photo Credits: Isaiah Moffatt)

This coming week is the final push before the students go home for Christmas break and they are working diligently to finish all of their last assignments. Please be praying for motivation and strength for all the students to push through these last few days and to finish well.

Isaiah Moffatt
Kaléo Program Intern

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