Monday, January 23, 2017

Mount Washington Skiing and Snowboarding

Hello Everyone!

This past week has been quite the week! We have been on the slopes for the past five days  at (as the title suggests) Mount Washington Alpine Resort. This mountain is one of the only ski resorts on Vancouver Island. 

(Photo Credits: Kyle Bauman)
The first two days were full of skiing and snowboarding. On a little bit of a down note, we were also met with slush and rain as the temperatures rarely dipped below -1°C. This did not stop the students from having a blast on the mountain however! Everyone was having a great time despite the poor conditions. The second day, the weather was so uncooperative that the many of the locals did not even bother coming to the hill that day. As a result, that afternoon the mountain was basically ours to use! 

(Photo Credits: Kyle Bauman)
After two days of shredding the mountain, we had a rest day. All of the students appreciated the time off because it was a great way to connect and relax sore muscles. The day was filled with card games, good conversations and some course work. 

On our fourth day, we were able to go and hit the slopes one last time. The weather was a little more cooperative, as it was a bit colder and was not raining! This made for a great last day skiing down the mountain.

(Photo Credits: Kyle Bauman)
On the last day, snowshoeing was the chosen activity! We all rented snowshoes and took one of the lifts up to the top of the mountain and our guides (Claude, Thomas and Wyatt)  brought us down the backside of the mountain while teaching us different skills about living in the wilderness, particularly in the winter months! Snow caves were built, navigation was taught, and snowshoe races were had. It was a great day enjoyed by all. 
 (Photo Credits: Kyle Bauman)
(Photo Credits: Kyle Bauman)
On Thursday we are heading to Vancouver to participate in a conference called Missions Fest. Everyone is looking forward to listening to the seminars and scouting out the plethora of booths at this conference. We will be sure to tell you all about it next week!

Isaiah Moffatt
Kaléo Intern

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