Monday, September 26, 2016

For The Life Of The World

So it has been said ... and more appropriately, burned into my mind that when we "fail to plan"we "plan to fail."

So true, so it is important to know where you are going and why. Being thematic and purposed helps tremendously.

Therefore each Kaléo year we have a theme.
This years Kaléo Program theme is For The Life Of The World!  A great tag-on question for this theme is 'What is my salvation for?'

The thought behind this theme starts in Gen.1:28.  God directs us to fill the earth and subdue it.  As Kingdom leaders and developers its paramount to see that God has, from the start, desired our presence to be effective and everywhere.
As leaders and followers of Jesus are we ready to live as God intended us to fill the spheres of influence we find ourselves in from moment to moment? 

We should ask too , with what are we "filling"?

God also clearly calls us to what are we to fill with.  It comes out of Matt. 22:37-39 to love Him and love others - The two greatest commandments coming from the New Covenant in Jesus.  Love is a huge theme of Scripture and should therefore be weaved into everything that we do, say and fill.
As leaders and followers of Jesus are we living and loving as God intends us to?  If our salvation is for the Life Of The World then we must carefully, honestly and diligently love those around us, difficult or not, as God loves us, unconditionally.

The last thing Jesus leaves with his disciples, was to lead others.  As it says in Matt.18:19, to go and teach all nations.  
As leaders and followers of Jesus are we living and leading as God intends us to?  Who are we leading? And what are we leading them to?  Whats the goal for your leading?

As the year presents itself ... may this Class of 2017 move into a deep conviction to FILL, LOVE and LEAD for the life of the world.  After all, this is what our salvation is for.

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