Saturday, August 13, 2016

Welcome aboard!! Kaléo 2017

Welcome students to the official Kaléo 2017 blog (your graduating year). This site is a place to get updated on what's happening in the Kaléo program. We'll be posting periodically as we begin preparations for the year ahead.  Once the program begins we'll be posting updates weekly. If you're a student, I encourage you to share this as a link with friends, family, and church supporters so they can get a feel for the Kaléo program and some of the experiences God has in store for us.

This year God is going to do something great and inspiring ... like He does every year of course. However, this time, the context for God’s great and inspiring work will be a little different for you and me.  I’m really excited to experience the oikinomia (economy, stewardship) of God together in a slightly different setting, with perhaps a slightly more radical purpose.  It’s inevitable ... on many levels we are going deeper.  Are you excited?  I definitely am!!

You will be challenged academically, physically and spiritually.  Mind - Body - Soul. 
This is perfect because as humans, we were meant to be challenged, tested and experience growth in this way.  

Kaléo 2017 exists for a number reasons in your life: all of them are to prepare and equip you for every year that follows.  Expect God to challenge you, stretch you, and unite each of you together as you walk side by side into spiritual growth and leadership development.

Grace and peace,

Shane Pickel
Kaléo Program Leader

Over the next coming weeks check back here for new blog posts with letters to you from all the award winners of last years Kaléo Program class! 

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